About Hana Massage Sydney

What we do at Hana Massage Sydney (and why)

We provide first-class sensual massage therapist for adults only. Our therapists offer Tantra massage, Full body and naturist massage to male and female clients as well as couples. The quality of our therapists and the massages they offer is extremely high. That’s why so many of our clients have been with us for years; proof of our consistently high standard of service.

Trained massage therapists

We believe superior sensual massage starts with a qualified massage therapist. This means you get a masseuse that understands how to deliver a a massage that is immensely enjoyable while keeping you safe. It also means your therapist never wastes time pushing oil around and calling it massage. You can be confident that a Hana Massage Sydney sensual massage therapist knows what she is doing and is experienced in the massages she offers.

This becomes very clear during a massage like Tantra Combo where 50 minutes is devoted to 100% Full Body massage. It’s deep, relaxing and helps you get rid of aches and tensions that the stress of daily life creates. New clients are always amazed at just how skilled and professional our therapists are.

We choose highly skilled masseuse from famous oversea massage parlours or professional independent masseuses. When the massage therapists join us, we train all our sensual therapists in Tantra massage: Tantra Lingam and Tantra Yoni massages. We do this to ensure high and consistent standards. Tantra isn’t ‘playtime’ as far as we are concerned. Our therapists are trained in tantric breathing, how to align the body’s energies, the reasons behind many sexual frustrations and the benefits of Tantric massage to the mind and body.

There are good reasons why we train our therapists

Our clients often tell us of the poor quality of tantra massage available from other massage establishments. Not only is it disappointing to clients who feel cheated by the experience but it erodes confidence in the industry as a whole. The word ‘erotic massage’ is often just a cover for the sex industry, For us and our sensual therapists, massage is a craft in which they take pride. Clients deserve the highest quality of massage regardless of it being sensual, naturist or Tantra massage.

Our clients want and get genuine, professional massage combined with sensual and tantra massage and done at the highest standard. No escorts, no ‘extras’, no tacky gimmicks, no surprises prices.