Body to Body Massage

A body to body massage in Sydney is a type of massage that assists you reduce tension whilst being subjected to a comprehensive series of sensations. Our sexy and professional massage therapists will help you recover your well-being by working on every single inch of your body, through the use of their own body. It’s so much more than just hands.

A b2b massage is a sensuous massage in Sydney where a masseuse uses his or her naked body to rub against yours by using oils and/or lotions. It is an erotic and very sensual experience. A body to body massage in Sydney not only restores your body but makes you aware of your erotic energies.

Experiencing another person massaging you using their body is a memorable experience. The delicate pressure of another body pressing against yours has an enjoyable effect with an added, very seductive sensation. It one of the MOST stimulating types of adult massages you can enjoy.

A female masseuse uses her whole body to offer you a variety of sensations. She will use every part of her body against every part of yours. This includes her thighs, toes, legs, breast, feet and even her hair. Every single part of your body will be given attention and with amazing skill and balance, the masseuse can even glide her body fully over yours.

It is both intimate and erotic, it will have you shivering with please and is a direct result of a skilled tantric therapist’s seductive touch. You will be suspended in a tantric experience as the masseuse’s body slides and glides over yours. You will feel your tension ebb away, leaving you with an euphoric feeling afterwards.

It’s no surprise that this type of massage in the world of tantra is one of the most popular.


Our Erotic Massage Sydney agency is open 7 days a week from 10 am until each day and have a variety of different masseuses who are available. If you would like to have a look at our masseuses first you can have a look at them on the gallery page and you can get more of an idea about what services they offer. Once you have selected your erotic masseuse and chosen which sensual massage you would like then all you need to do is to call us and make your incall or outcall booking.

For incalls you will simply need to tell us what time you want to book to see the masseuse although to confirm the booking for outcalls you will need to tell us the name and address of your hotel and room number and for home visits we will need to call you on a landline number and we will just need your home address.

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