Four Hands Massage

Always dreamed of having an erotic adventure with two women?

Then this is your opportunity to experience that with our premier 4 hands massage!

Four hands will find their way through your body. An erotic body massage for both ladies, at the same time or one after the other. The choice of massage aid is yours; hot oil or water and soap.

Imagine; a beautiful erotic massage not with one, but with two of our gorgeous Tantrikas. An erotic massage with four hands in Sydney is for the true man who knows what he wants. The Tantrikas will take you on a sensual journey where you will totally forget the outside world.

How the massage starts

After a lovely shower, you take your position on a bed (your own or ours just choose incall for visiting us or outcall for us to come to you.) A masseuse stands on one side, the other masseuse on the other side. The massage begins when you are lying on your abdomen. With gentle caresses, the masseuse will not skip any part of your body. Back, shoulders, buttocks, and legs are all included in this sensual massage.

Little by little the masseuses will move along your body in a sensual, erotic and synchronized way. This means that the two masseuses on both sides of your body do exactly the same movements. This feels beyond amazing. Your whole body and mind will wander under the intense pleasure of these skilled touches as your body is given unrivalled attention.

After this back massage, the ladies will give you a body-to-body massage. They will slide their bodies across your own, you’ll feel every mood and curve touching you.


Your 4 hand masseuses will be well in sync with one another and they will work in harmony. They’ll naturally shift and move to compliment one another. Thus ensuring your maximum connection and enjoyment during this synchronized massage.

Now you’re relaxed and probably very turned on, it’s time to flip from back to front. Then the whole massage begins again but with a focus on your front now. Here you will have the added delight as your eyes will also be able to enjoy the two “Magnificent” masseuses who are giving you the massage of your life.

All touches and caress are done respectfully and in a loving way and with absolute attention to your needs. After an extensive body for body massage and synchronized massage, the hands of the ladies will find your erogenous zone. Both ladies will ensure an unforgettable climax by which you can reach the peak of erotic pleasure.

What to expect after the massage

After resting a bit after so much pleasure and erotic tension, the ladies will invite you to shower. Please offer them the opportunity as if you’re enjoying a 4 hand massage as an outcall visit.

An experience that you will remember for a long time to come!

How a 4 hand massage is done

It is an erotic massage so both masseuses will be completely naked as well as you. There are then no barrier or restrictions for a body to body contact. These are not just beautiful girls, they are packed full of personality and have fabulous bodies. Whether you like curvy, busy, tones, or slender, we have a masseuse that is sure to delight you.

It will alleviate stress and absolutely allow you forget your cares and worries for 60, 90 or 120 minutes….how much pleasure can you handle? Unique bodies are delivered in body and soul. The experience is an erotic sensory delight. The mutual tantric massage with four hands includes the techniques of mutual massage, always given by two masseuses and this serves to raise the sensuality.

This happy ending involves using tantric massage techniques on your erogenous zones and by applying 4 hands to this action, it is that which will elevate your libido to amazing new levels!

Enjoy the pleasure of two masseuses in a 4 hand massage, Tantric body-to-body massage. It’s a different sensation. . . . special. . . . no hurries. . . . a world of new sensations and stimuli. You will feel the flow of energy and release in your body from head to toe.


Our Erotic Massage Sydney agency is open 7 days a week from 10 am until each day and have a variety of different masseuses who are available. If you would like to have a look at our masseuses first you can have a look at them on the gallery page and you can get more of an idea about what services they offer. Once you have selected your erotic masseuse and chosen which sensual massage you would like then all you need to do is to call us and make your incall or outcall booking.

For incalls you will simply need to tell us what time you want to book to see the masseuse although to confirm the booking for outcalls you will need to tell us the name and address of your hotel and room number and for home visits we will need to call you on a landline number and we will just need your home address.

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