Erotic Tantric Massage

A Sensual tantric massage in Sydney is a professional service offered to any adult over the age of eighteen (18). This is the minimum age as this is a massage that is erotic in nature.

Often, because of sociocultural and religious judgments massage agencies use the word “Tantric” to sell and give a certain exoticism to what is an erotic massage. This makes tantric massage almost exclusively related to sex or sexuality to the detriment of its more emotional and spiritual essence.

Erotic massage is defined by a relaxing and sensual massage throughout the body, including the genitals and where the purpose is pleasure, orgasm and ejaculation. The famous “happy ending” refers to a manual stimulation.

Get ready to enjoy our innovative approach of Tantric Massage Therapy. A seductive type of adult massage treatment, developed to sensually rouse every inch of your body with a variation of gentle, lengthy feather-like strokes, short bursts of pressure, delicate Swedish Massage in addition to very sensuous massage using slipping and sliding motions.

As the best providers of this nurturing yet provocative massage, Hana Massage Sydney provides simply the best Tantric Massage Sydney has to offer.

What is a sensual tantric massage in Sydney

A tantric massage is offered with total sincerity. It has been and still is very necessary in today’s society where sexual repression continues to prevail. Insecurities, fears and beliefs about sexuality can be restrictive and make it hard – if not impossible for many of us to explore and experience a healthy, full, satisfactory and natural sexuality.

Sensual Tantric massage is a ritual that awakens and uses the sexual energy to expand it throughout the nervous system, channeling it, above all, through the central channel Sushumna, harmonizing the chakras and purifying the energetic channels of the whole body.

Depending on the different schools, currents or routes of Tantra, it will have other purposes such as connecting sexuality (second chakra) with love (fourth chakra), unlocking the Sacred Point (first chakra), ascending the Kundalini to Ajna (sixth chakra), learn to contain ejaculation and a long etcetera.

But its purpose is never pleasure in itself, orgasm or ejaculation, although it does not exclude either.


Our Erotic Massage Sydney agency is open 7 days a week from 10 am until each day and have a variety of different masseuses who are available. If you would like to have a look at our masseuses first you can have a look at them on the gallery page and you can get more of an idea about what services they offer. Once you have selected your erotic masseuse and chosen which sensual massage you would like then all you need to do is to call us and make your incall or outcall booking.

For incalls you will simply need to tell us what time you want to book to see the masseuse although to confirm the booking for outcalls you will need to tell us the name and address of your hotel and room number and for home visits we will need to call you on a landline number and we will just need your home address.

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